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Writing the history of the Copper Pots Manufacturers is a long, difficult and exciting journey.
It takes years of research, a lot of documents and especially having received in the hands of many copper pots.
If you take my texts, thank you for the kindness to quote your sources. Sincerely, T.J.
The Maison JACQUOTOT PARIS is part of the legend of Copper Pots. This house of kitchen items has been a phenomenal success since its creation.
Today fans are still looking for JACQUOTOT copper pots for their exceptional quality.

However, the history of Maison JACQUOTOT is quite strange. We must forget what you could read about this house and its history in the 1800s and even before!
Some people broadcast on the internet fantastic stories straight out of their imagination. I do not know what their purpose is, exepted to try to sell for more money copper pots with unusual stories!
The first verifiable traces of the House JACQUOTOT do not date back to 1900. My research resources are numerous and despite that I have the worst difficulties to set up a history that should logically lead us far back in time. But this is not the case.

Several possibilities are available to me. Either JACQUOTOT was not his real name at the time of the creation of the house in Paris or it was a merchant tradesman who did not come from Paris and managed a blow of eclat by settling in the big city! He was also perhaps the son of a notable Parisian who inherited a fortune allowing him to create his business of kitchen accessories. Did he buy a former business, a manufacturing plant? In any case it does not seem to have started with small means. If the houses like DEHILLERIN or GAILLARD started slowly, the house JACQUOTOT seems to have started directly with a big potential!
The association with one of the largest Parisian stores could be the answer to this meteoric rise!

The main questions are:
- Who was actually JACQUOTOT?
- Where is he from ?
- How has it in such a short time reached the equivalent status of houses DEHILLERIN or GAILLARD who have taken much longer to develop themselves?
Throughout the 1800s there is no trace of JACQUOTOT as a boilermaker, seller of culinary accessories or other businesses related to kitchen accessories in Paris.
There is no JACQUOTOT in 1907 at 128 and 130 rue de Grenelle in Paris, its famous address. Not even elsewhere in Paris.
The first trace that I find of the house JACQUOTOT dates from 1913. But this does not mean that between 1908 and 1912 it was not already installed.
So many mysteries leave me perplexed. But do not worry, there are still things to say about this beautiful House JACQUOTOT!

History of JACQUOTOT PARIS Coming soon...


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