Fake Thickness !

Here is a new folder to show you a very rare exeption in Copper Pots.

I do not know if you know, but we usually measure the thickness of a copper pot with a vernier caliper.
To do this we often measure the top edge.
You should know that some pots are thinner at the top and the thickness increases as you go down the side wall. Obviously it is not easy to measure because the caliper does not go down very low.

In short, if you buy a copper pot that is 2.5mm at the top edge and that in fact it is 2.6mm, 2.7mm ... 3mm thick below the rim, great!

This is found for example in some GAILLARD manufacturing and other major manufacturers.

In this file I will show you a very surprising thing that is very rare.
For me it's a flagrant offense cheating on the part of the manufacturer of this pot!

This will help you to be more attentive in your future purchases.

Indeed, look closely at the thickness of this pot with a high rim, about 2.2mm thick:

It's very correct. The wall does not show extra thickness at the edge, no bulge. This wall seems perfectly equal from top to bottom. In the eye we do not see anything abnormal.

Now I will measure 0.5 centimeters lower, about 1.8mm thick:

this sounds weird but not abnormal.

Now I will measure 0.8 centimeters lower, 1.6mm thick:

There it is completely abnormal and this deserves to push the measures further!

Now I will measure 1.5cm lower, 1.4mm thick:

Unbelievable ! Believe me, we do not see that every day!

Continuous, I will measure 1.8 centimeters lower, 1.3mm thick.

We continue, lower, 1mm thick!

Even lower, 0.9 mm thick!

And worse! Too bad, I missed my picture, the lowest I found is 0.83mm thick !!!!!!!

I repeat, this is a very rare case! But frankly we can see that this manufacturer has pushed far beyond the limits of cheating. This pot was certainly sold for a thickness of 2mm.

I do not show the whole pot because I'm not sure it's the same for all pots of this production. If I receive pots of the same type I will check and if I find the same measures, I will show in detail these pots. I do not say they are bad. We can use them. But do not buy them thinking that they are 2mm thick pots.

To all Copper Lovers ! Regards, T.J.

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